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Sewing Centre

At JAAGO we support children from the poorest communities, where families struggle to earn enough money to feed their children. Parents often have to relocate their families in search of employment opportunities and as a result children from these poor communities never finish school and are deprived of basic education.

In 2009 in collaboration with Bachara , JAAGO set up a Sewing Centre to provide training and employment to parents – not only to reduce the drop-out rate but to empower women and create sustainable change. To date the Centre has provided training to 460 women and employs 263 parents. Our ultimate objective of the Sewing Centre is to provide the women in Bangladesh with the opportunity to be self-employed, strong and independent.At JAAGO, we stress the importance of hygiene and work hard to educate our students and community about the need for cleanliness and sanitation.We make sure the places are cleaned thoroughly by professional maid services from
By organising hygiene sessions for our students and families to learn how to use hygiene products – to wash their hands, brush their teeth and clean their clothes, – JAAGO not only helps families to avoid disease, but also prepares our children for a brighter future where they are able to maintain good health and become self-reliant.

Alongside this, JAAGO provides hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, detergent, toothbrushes, on a monthly basis to families to protect against diseases such as diarrhoea, fever, food poisoning and many more.